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There are thousands of financial portals and websites throughout North America, very few sites have the growing caliber of news, information, insight and tools that the centre has.

Mutual Funds are a niche product, service and industry that can hold its own, as a very large and organized part of Canada's capital markets our company, entity and strategy is to encompass all the individual parts and components to ensure we have the right idea to engage or the natural participants engaged.

Attracting and retaining advisors, fund companies and investors and the general public is not an easy task at anytime. This newly created website, portal and mutual fund centre intends to put in place all of the important essentials to create, maintain and grow interest in Mutual Funds rather than any other investment schemes or practices.

The Canadian mutual fund industry has grown considerably since 1980 the market value of funds increased 2800% ending in 2007 and has come down just slightly from number at the beginning of 2010. Mutual Funds have become very popular however recent market downturns have affected sales growth and increased redemption's. New competing investments and schemes have come about recently that will somewhat choke this burgeoning industry. ETF's and other purposely made financial products and services are competing for interest and market share for the same investment dollar. The lack of joint and co-operative industry marketing campaigns has left the door open and this lack luster industry needs more collective strength, ideas and support in order to compete well against ETF's and other financial products.

The mutual fund industry is well entrenched and enjoys a large playing field now however industry partners, players and protectors should now rise above the rhetoric and fight back as a collective to ensure that mutual funds in general will have a deep and meaningful relationship with Canadians and their participation in the Canadian capital markets.

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